2020 RATES


1st Hour: $300

Subsequent Half Hour: $50

Book only for the 1st hour,

choose to top up along the way.

Minimally 40 edited images returned via online gallery per

half hour shoot time.



1.5 Hours Shoot Time

Minimally 100 edited images returned via online gallery.

Request for prints & thumbdrive

at additional costs.



2 Hours Shoot Time

Minimally 135 edited images returned via online gallery.

Request for prints & thumbdrive

at additional costs.



2 Hours Shoot Time

1 gown rental

1 bouquet

Minimally 150 edited images returned via online gallery.

Request for prints & thumbdrive

at additional costs.

Double It Up


2 Separate Shoot Sessions

3 Hours Shoot Time

(1.5hrs x 2 or 1hr + 2hrs)

Minimally 180 edited images returned via online gallery.

Request for prints & thumbdrive

at additional costs.

Timeless Love


4 Hours Shoot Time

(Sunrise x Sunset)

1 gown rental

1 bouquet

Minimally 300 edited images returned via online gallery.

Request for an extra gown or prints & thumbdrive at additional costs.


1. If I don't see a package option suitable to my needs, can I send in an enquiry to customise one?
Yes, kindly drop me an email or use the enquiry form under 'About' section specifying the things you're looking for in a shoot! I'd be happy to customise just for you.
2. I'm a returning customer, do I get any special rates or discounts?
Yes!!! Thank you for picking my services once again. All returning customers will automatically get 10% off any package options chosen.
3. Will I be able to pick my preferred editing style(s) for the images taken?
You can view all my available editing styles here. I am continuously improving my editing and might come up with new styles from time to time if I find your pictures a good fit. My priority is to always try to cater to your preferences so kindly let me know in advance if you have any. However, please do understand that sometimes, the editing style(s) you want may not be suitable for your pictures due to natural factors such as the setting and the weather. Please trust my judgment for the edits in such situations.
4. Do I get discounted rates if I'm referred by your ex-clients?
Unfortunately, I do not offer discounted rates in such scenarios but thank you for checking in!
5. Can I send you my pictures taken by myself, other photographers or just anyone really for editing?
You can! Simple colour correction edits is charged at $1 per image. If photoshop is required, it starts from $2 per image. I will advice you on the price of the edits for each photoshopped image depending on the complexity of the process after you tell me what you are looking for. In any event that your picture is taken in poor lighting or simply too hard to edit, I will inform you as such.
6. Do you do Actual Day photography?
Kindly check in with me if you're looking for AD photography! I only take up certain AD photography, usually the more chill ones. I would love to understand more on your AD flow before making a decision. It's your big day so I don't want to take up more responsibilities than I can handle! If not, I have photographer friends to recommend. However, if you already have a main photographer shooting and would like a second photographer to cover candids, the guests and all things miscellaneous, I'm happy to provide you with a quote.
7. Do you do overseas engagements? If so, what are the package options available?
That will be my dream!!! If you've somewhere in mind, do check in with me! If it's in Europe, chances are I might already know the place decently well. Also, you might never know when I'm traveling to somewhere so if our schedules match, you don't have to pay for my flights and accommodations. Do drop me an enquiry via the form or email on this so I can customise package options based on the destinations. Iceland, Switzerland & Greece are highly recommended!!
8. Do I have to pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm my session?
No. I trust my clients for their choices so if you decide to cancel any time before the shoot, feel free to do so without pressure or worry of not getting your deposit back.
9. How do I make payment?
Payment must be made in full after the shoot via PayNow, PayLah! or cash. I do not accept 50% payment after the shoot and the remaining 50% upon receiving your pictures. This is because I do not take a non-refundable deposit so I hope we can trust each other equally. I will deliver your pictures within the agreed time frame. Exceptions applied for special circumstances if both parties are agreeable to the arrangement.
10. Don't see the answer(s) to the question(s) you have in mind?
Drop me an enquiry via whatsapp at +65 8141 5114 or email thetimelessera@gmail.com - thank you for reading up till so far, have a great day!

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